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« on: April 21, 2017, 02:48:26 PM »

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Using bitcoin, you can purchase a range of goods and services as online merchant bitcoin adoption is steadily increasing. In fact, nowadays, there are a number of really awesome things that you can buy with bitcoins online. Four of them we will present to you in this post.


SeabreacherImage From Seabreacher.Com
The Seabreacher is among the worlds most advanced submersible watercraft that has been built using the latest technology. It has a 260hp engine which enables you to go 25mph underwater.  Actually, if you get the angle correct, you get to leap out of the water. Awesome for super villains!

The design makes it look a real shark or dolphin because of the shape. It allows you to practice different fun sports such as diving and porpoising among others. It can be purchased for bitcoins at online luxury marketplace called BitPremier.


Awesome Things To Buy With BitcoinsImage By BitPremier.Com
The luxury marketplace BitPremier also offers its customers the opportunity to purchase small remote islands with bitcoin. Currently, BitPremier has 1/3 of a small island in Indonesia, called Southwest Lombok, on sale for bitcoins.

As nice as it may be to own part of a small island, I am not too sure if the $10 million are really worth it. But if your pockets are deep enough and you have always wanted to own your own island, then here is your chance. And best of all, you can even pay for it using bitcoin.


Mega YachtImage From BitPremier.Com
The Mega Yacht might be one of the most expensive things that you can buy with Bitcoin. You can get the Yacht advertised on the bitcoin marketplace commonly referred to as  BitPremier and its going for 22,305.134 BTC. It has a sky lounge, two VIP rooms, two guest rooms and a dining room- after all, how could you ever explore the ocean without any of these things.


Virgin GalacticImage By Virgin Galactic
The Virgin space flight company which is owned by the famous Richard Branson allows you to swap your bitcoins and in return you get a round trip ticket.  You can rocket into space with only 566 Bitcoins.  This will be an unforgettable experience and you will get the privilege to join celebs from different parts of the world.