Author Topic: Columbia has made Bitcoin illegal in their country  (Read 2479 times)

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Columbia has made Bitcoin illegal in their country
« on: January 04, 2017, 12:02:23 PM »

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In the news is an article saying that Columbia has made Bitcoin illegal in their country. 

This is laughable!  Columbia is obviously run by a bunch of drug dealing criminals and they could care less about their people.  Next door to them is Venezuela and their financial crisis has become a food shortage crisis and it’s leading to cannibalism.  These banana republics have no real control over their people and they can not enforce laws against using crypto-currencies. 

The Colombian government even mentions this fact in the aforementioned article.  ” Although it is clear the Colombian government isn’t fond of Bitcoin, it’s unclear whether or not it will enforce what has just been announced. The announcement has been questioned, even within the country.”
Welcome to the digital world of the internet, where things like crypto-currencies go viral. 

TBC is the world’s first “Abundance-Based” currency and as I have mentioned before, it will hit a wall of resistance at some point.  Just like Columbia making Bitcoin illegal, that is an act by a government to resist Bitcoin.  Yet, they already know it is futile to stop everyone in their country from using Bitcoin.  When the people come to understand that governments can not stop viral movements, then they won’t care what any government has to say about these things.  As long as at least one country says crypto-currencies are fine and legal to use, then it makes it impossible for any country to really enforce a law that makes them illegal.  People are slowly waking up to the fact that criminals run the world and make the laws saying what is illegal. 

Does it make sense to do what a criminal says to do?  Just because these criminals occupy positions of power, should we all blindly obey everything they say to do or not do?  WAKE UP! 

TBC is a powerful tool in the information war to empower the masses.  Don’t worry when banks and governments start to speak out against it.  That is part of the path we are on.  Our growth in numbers will overwhelm ALL GOVERNMENTS, and once the power shifts firmly into the hands of the people, the governments will have to comply with our demands to step out of our way in our mission to END POVERTY GLOBALLY. 

We are spreading ABUNDANCE for ALL!  We reject the idea of “Artificial Scarcity.”  We see through the lies and BULLSHIT!