Author Topic: WANTED: Binance Posts $250,000 Reward to capture hacker  (Read 841 times)

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WANTED: Binance Posts $250,000 Reward to capture hacker
« on: March 13, 2018, 08:30:13 PM »

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Last week an organized group of hackers compromised the user accounts of numerous investors utilizing the Binance cryptocurrency exchange. The hackers, who had positioned their end game for weeks in advance, were stopped when automated Binance security alerts triggered a full lockdown on withdrawals.

As Block Cubed reported following the attempted hack, Binance immediately moved to reverse the nefarious transactions and seize all funds in the accounts of the group responsible.

But Binance didn’t stop there.

The unregulated cryptocurrency space has been compared to the Wild West, where lawlessness, strong arm tactics and roving bands of criminals often took advantage of the innocent and unsuspecting. As such, Binance has taken it upon itself to ensure the security and integrity of its trading platform by doing what towns did back in the days of Billy the Kid – they’ve issued a reward for the capture of those responsible for the hack.

    To ensure a safe crypto community, we can’t simply play defense. We need to actively prevent any instances of hacking before they occur, as well as follow through after-the-fact. Even though the hacking attempt against Binance on March 7th was not successful, it was clear it was a large-scale, organized effort. This needs to be addressed.

    Binance is offering a $250,000 USD equivalent bounty to anyone who supplies information that leads to the legal arrest of the hackers involved in the attempted hacking incident on Binance on March 7th, 2018.

    Source: Binance Hacker Bounty

In an effort to preemptively strike fear into those who would attack their platform and defraud users, the company has also taken the unprecedented step of putting some $10,000,000 in reserves to thwart future attacks and reward the cyber sleuths or informants who reveal the identities of anyone attempting to compromise their network:

    Furthermore, Binance has currently allocated the equivalent of $10,000,000 USD in crypto reserves for future bounty awards against any illegal hacking attempts on Binance. We have also invited other exchanges and crypto businesses to join our initiative. We welcome their participation at any time.

    Protecting your funds is and has always been our highest priority!

The handling of the incident by Binance shows that cryptocurrency exchanges have matured significantly over the last 12 months and that the industry itself is taking serious steps to ensure customer trust and safety.