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Question - Hello, I'm new here. Please can i still transfer my kringles from source - [size=78%][/size][size=78%]/54900[/size]

Answer - Hello, all he need to do is to open another wallet with tbc009 through

With the same email address you used to register for your tbc004.

And after that ensure you login and complete your facial verification through your KCBO and that will allow and enable him to gain access into the KCBO before you can migrate the coins in the old tbc004.
A migration button will show under the account page of your KCBO which you will activate (press) and will move whatever coins/Kringles in the archived tbc004 into the new tbc009.

And if you don't not have a KCBO account, you can register using this link below and complete the facial verification to gain access
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