Author Topic: How to Receive Your Free 100,000 Kringles from TBC  (Read 6304 times)

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How to Receive Your Free 100,000 Kringles from TBC
« on: May 16, 2017, 11:28:00 AM »

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This guide will provide a step by step process to become a member of the TBC community and receive your free 100,000 Kringles immediately

I will encourage you to take the time to watch the 2 Videos below and read the text beneath the videos to really grasp the concept really well and fast.​

In this first video below, you will understand the concept and objective of Kringle Cash and why you should get yours now and help your circle of influence get theirs, after all, it's free​.

And in the second video below, I explained step by step how you can create your Kringle Cash account and automatically get your TBC wallet credited with 100,000 Kringles or 0.001 TBC (they mean the same thing).


  • If you are already a TBC Investor, you must use the same email you used in creating your tbc wallet in creating your Kringle Cash account and this email must be verified on the tbc website (once on the site, click on register on the top right corner and follow the prompts), once this is done your tbc wallet will be automatically credited with 100,000 Kringles.

  • If you are new to TBC, you don't need to get your email verified neither do you need to create a tbc wallet, just watch the second video and follow it step by step and your Kringle Cash account will be created as well as your tbc wallet and automatically credited with 100,000 Kringles.
  • Ensure that everybody you know also get their 100,000 Kringles free gift by sharing this link with them to follow the easy steps. Don't forget that this 100,000 Kringles wll be worth 1Million Euros in a year's time and you can give it to them for free now.
  • In the event that you don't really understand what TBC is all about, kindly watch this video below where I explained it in full details.
  • If you want to buy more Kringles in addition to your free gift and honestly you should, it doesn't make sense relying on just the free gift, you should head over to the official TBC Exchange in Nigeria to buy your Kringles.
  • The Exchange is an invite only membership, so you'd need to contact your sponsor to give you his/her username to signup; if you do not have a sponsor, then use stoja as your username.

  • Take action by getting your free gift of 100,000 Kringles and buying more kringles on the Exchange
  • Share this post with all your folks and on Social Media
  • Get in touch with admin on this forum via PM or Reply to this post, or email if you need further help
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