Author Topic: Mail From TBC Tech Team on KC Payment Support  (Read 1122 times)

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Mail From TBC Tech Team on KC Payment Support
« on: November 25, 2017, 10:31:07 PM »

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  We’re writing to you because you have written to us regarding payment support.  If you have made your back office payment you’ll need to go to


Please fill out this form with details regarding your BTC payment.  We cannot process direct emails!  Please use the form to send us the information we require to service your payment.


Receiving Wallet:  This is the wallet you were instructed to make payment to in Your Account


Transaction ID: This is a long alpha numeric number  like  d1738553a863cb2ac8477adb5fe4bc173a2358031234cf67c5f41d4e62dd0ba1

NOTE: If you enter a transaction ID that already exists in our system, an invalid transaction ID, or anything that is invalid, your account will not be updated.


Transaction amount:  This is the amount in Bitcoin that you paid.  Should be 0.001xxx or 0.0001xxx


You may include additional details such as a note, however if we do not receive your completed details we will be unable to process your payment support.

If you have trouble making your payment, there is a video detailing how to do so.  You can purchase bitcoin from coinmama or localbitcoins. 


Please take the time to go to

Right away and submit your complete details and we’ll process your payment ASAP.


Thank you for your cooperation.


Thank you

The TBC Tech Team



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