Author Topic: TheBillionCoin is not MLM, Ponzi, Hyip or Business  (Read 2453 times)

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TheBillionCoin is not MLM, Ponzi, Hyip or Business
« on: January 12, 2017, 02:58:18 PM »

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What is TBC (TheBillionCoin)

A new "Community/user based" cryptocurrency  developed with different formula on how its value will increase. This currency has an Agreement between the developer and its users..

"The Billion Coin Membership Agreement" or White Paper (This Membership is FREE, ZERO COST)

The formula begins with a membership agreement. All members of The Billion Coin community agree that this coin will never go down in value; it can only go up in price. This agreement is hinged on a software program that drives the price of TBC up by 1% to 5% daily until it reaches its Ultimate Price."  Registration for verifying members once agreement is Accepted


The Ultimate Price

The formula of the Ultimate Price of The Billion Coin is one Euro multiplied by the total number of Verified Members within the community. For example, if the total number of Verified Members equals 10,000, then the Ultimate Price of The Billion Coin is 10,000 Euros per coin.

 The maximum intrinsic value of a TBC coin is 1 Billion. When 1 Billion of people around the globe becomes a verified TBC community member,  that's the time the Ultimate value is hit and the value will stop increasing. TheBillionCoin was developed with this Formula to solve the common problem in Bitcoin and other altcoin's volatility. With this formula, the value of TBC will only go up and never goes down. That is why, it cannot be compared to market based crypto coins on how its value only goes up and does not affect from the law of supply and demand where almost all altcoins where developed the same way.  This makes TBC unique and different among others, and is not listed in coinmarketcap because it is Not market based..

Another common question is, Why TBC is not listed in exchange sites (Poloniex, Bittrex, Nova exchange, Cryptopia, C-cex and etc.)...

Since almost all of the coins listed in these exchangers are Volatile and depends on the market's supply and demand, TBC was designed to be different (stable performance and value) and its category does not matched to be inlcuded in a volatile market. But, the developer provided its own trading platform for a safe Buy and Sell transactions and Bitcoin as the central cryptocurrency for exchange is the only way to make and receive payments before you can convert TBC into Fiat money or cash.

TBC Roadmap #2

When Bitcoin was developed, there was no specific future plans and projects from the original creator Satoshi Nakamoto on how this coin will progress step by step. TBC was developed to be the first unique crypto currency where the value is not driven based on the market that makes Bitcoin volatile, it was created with the protocol of Community based coin which value only goes up every time a new verified user is added to the community and  and participates in circulating TBC for it to be recognized around the world as another currency for medium of exchange where the value is stable and could help eradicate Poverty and uplift humanity from scarcity and slavery from this traditional old system who takes control to everyone's life. Cryptocurrency and  Decentralization can give  Freedom, Rights, Ownership, Power to everyone. And we need additional cryptocurrency that will help Bitcoin become stable and to progress for more developments. This is the mission of TBC, not to compete but to help one another to solve this problem from Bitcoin's  instability, our Economy, our Freedom  of Will, Poverty and Unity..

 All cryptocurrency wants to bring us FREEDOM and that we must take a step to adopt in this era. This will only become possible with Unity.. A power which comes from us, from a Community.. Every coin needs a Community,Patience and Understanding.. We need to support what the developers think is best for us.. With the support of a Community, we have the Power to change the current system..

As what Bobby Lee seeks from us is to support Bitcoin, he said " Even though there’s a lot of opposition in the industry, I fundamentally believe that the most important thing for Bitcoin, is to ensure that it remains as a reliable digital asset, that the store-of-value proposition has to be strong first,” he says. “Once that’s established, then the payments aspects can be addressed.” He urges the Bitcoin Community to scale Bitcoin responsibly. And, also, to be patient.
It Is to overcome people’s natural misunderstanding (or lack of understanding) of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is just so different than anything else people are familiar with.” For Mr. Lee, the most important part of Bitcoin is decentralization.
 “The biggest hurdle to adoption right now, is actually the understanding of Bitcoin and why it’s revolutionary and better than the current system alternatives.” - BTCC CEO BOBBY LEE  -source,

TheBillionCoin community wants to express support as Bitcoin is the first user based currency and is the only crypto currency (as of now) where TBC can be exchanged with using the Trading Platform ( TBC Election activities is made to appoint leaders in different countries to speed up the process of educating people and sharing the mission of TBC, to introduce cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. This Leadership Program is FREE OF CHARGE and a FREE WILL from candidates who wants to help the community spread fast country by country, city by city, town to town and there is NO Charge or Bonuses from doing those activities because TheBillionCoin has valuable mission and is not an MLM, Ponzi, Hyip or Business...
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Re: TheBillionCoin is not MLM, Ponzi, Hyip or Business
« Reply #1 on: April 30, 2017, 12:31:02 AM »
I really understand the situation TBC is trying to put in control we're with full percentage.