Author Topic: Congrats to Mr. John Mukoro who won Benz worth 75m Naira- Swissgolden  (Read 1381 times)

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Congrats to Mr. John Mukoro a great team member and one of the leaders of Swissgolden #SGM Family for this laudable feat!!!! You are indeed an inspiration!!! Swissgolden is bae!!!!


John Mukoro yesterday at a marketing event, said that people asked him why he is involved in this business even as a Branch Manager of a Bank that he is and he gave the reasons yesterday. These are his reasons and I quote:

 "As a young man who was rising in the banking sector those days, I have always had a business mindset so I devised a way to make extra money by making suits for my fellow workers in the Bank and even my superiors. I collect as much as 15k from then and then travel down or send the money down to Aba where I made very quality suits for about 7k. Some of these superiors were already more than 8-10years in the banking sector some were more than 5-6 levels ahead of me and ordinarily it is expected that I should aspire to be like them. But there was this Boss of mine who happened to be a close friend also, I noticed that most times before the month ends, he always comes to me to get small loans which he always pays back when salary is paid, this was becos he knew I wasn't solely dependent on my salary and was very fluid when it comes to cash. This got me thinking; HERE WAS A MAN WHO I NEED TO WORK MORE THAN 8-10 YEARS IN THE BANK TO GET TO HIS CURRENT POSITION, IF WITH THE LEVEL HE IS AT AND WITH THE NUMBER OF YEARS OF HIS LIFE HE HAS GIVEN TO THIS CAREER, HE STILL BORROWS MONEY FROM PEOPLE WHEN THE MONTH IS ABOUT TO END, WHY THEN SHOULD I ASPIRE TO BE LIKE HIM OR WHY SHOULD I BUILD MY WHOLE FUTURE ON A CAREER THAT I WILL STILL NEED TO BORROW MONEY WHEN I AM ALMOST AT THE PEAK OF IT?"

John Mukoro is a legend in this company, he has set records and broken them again himself.

 I see this as a call to action to people who think they have the best career in the world, People who exchange all their time for money and only excuse they can offer for not building their own future is that they are VERY BUSY. My Question is BUSY DOING WHAT EXACTLY? Building another man's dream? Go ask Warri Shell Staff how it was when Shell left Warri to PH... Who here can be busier that John Mukoro who till date is still a Branch Manager of a renowned Bank? He also said yesterday that his Salary is now his Extra income as his Swissgolden Business is now his full time income or what else do you want someone who earned N4m in his first month to say to you? Ask yourself; If anything happens to make u stop working on whatever you are doing today, what kind of money will still be coming in? More Money, Less Money, Or No Money? Because I know some people with their leadership level in Swissgolden who even if they decide to stop working today, will still keep earning more in a single day than a lot of people earn in a month, If you think it's a story, go ask Gene Adigu or John Mukoro or Oluborode Emmanuel or Dickson Onuchukwu or do you want more names? Being Rich is Hard, being Poor is Hard but u got a choice, choose your own HARD


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