Author Topic: Admin is Open to Adjusting the “New Policy” (Article)  (Read 161 times)

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Admin is Open to Adjusting the “New Policy” (Article)
« on: September 02, 2019, 08:59:02 AM »

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First of all, I as the Overseer of the Kringle Society don’t recognise an outspoken group of TBC members as a Kringle Society “Privy Council” and should refrain from even suggesting such.

As I have said before, I’m open to debates and hope they can be done with LOVE and RESPECT.  I have spent a great number of hours today listening to many points of view, mostly those upset with the “New Policy.”  I have listened carefully to each of these members and I’m glad we can discuss this and deal with the issues connected to the ‘New Policy.”  So, we currently have 30 Days remaining before the New Policy takes effect and within that time we can discuss this among ourselves and sort out the options and that can certainly can result in making an adjustment to the “New Policy” which may or may not affect the things like the effective date, the wording of the policy, or anything else relevant to the “New Policy.”

So far, I find it interesting that none of these members that are upset have made any references to the Blog where I explained the “New Policy”:  The situation is more complex than most would think it is and the debate should be done with an open mind, and the outspoken should be open to changing their minds too.  Members should recognize and understand Admin’s point of view and be open to discuss the issues that brought the “New Policy” to the front of the awareness of the TBC community.  I will continue to bring out many of the complexities connected to a web of issues that intersect with the “New Policy.”  The process of bringing all of these to light will certainly be enlightening to all that get involved in the debate.

Be of Good Cheer because all is well that ends well.