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Common Support FAQ’s Answered (Article)
« on: August 13, 2018, 06:42:04 PM »

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Q1. How do I become a Broadcaster?

A1. Here is a video explaining how to do a broadcast on YouTube: But you can also search YouTube on how to do a broadcast on any device you may have.  You need to also login to your Kringle Cash back office (KCBO) and click on SEND BUTTON at the bottom of the menu and select TOMORROW’S BROADCAST and click one of the blue buttons to grab an open time slot and fill in the short form to load your broadcast in for the next day.  Once you have completed the broadcast you need to return to the same area of (KCBO) and select Broadcaster Rewards and fill in that short form and then wait for Admin to approve your broadcast within 24 hours and then you will see the Cookies for it show up in the Cookie Rewards area of the (KCBO).  You are encouraged to watch the others that are broadcasting live and you can request from them some assistance and hand-holding from them to help you learn how to start your TBC Broadcasts.  The 1st broadcast is always the hardest, but it gets easier after that 1st broadcast is done.  To maintain your Broadcaster status you must do at least 1 broadcast a week and view at least 1 Send Button Meeting a week and enter in the correct keyword to stay qualified for Broadcaster Rewards.

Q2. Why is my TBC/USD amount not gaining interest or increasing in value?

A2.  The number of TBC/Kringle coins only goes up when you either make a purchase of coins or you redeem Cookies received into coins during a Redemption Period and the next month that redemption is available will be the whole month of November 2018.  You don’t earn interest and TBC is not an investment vehicle.  The value of TBC goes up by one grain of gold (gr) each time a new PAID member joins our community.  See the Formula for details:  The current price has slammed into the Ultimate Price and here is an article that explains that we are no longer increasing in value by 1% to 5% a day: Recently the price of gold has been falling against the major FIAT currencies such as USD and Euro and our Current Price chart is in Euros. See gold charts here: Yet, the value of TBC only goes up until it reaches 1 Billion grains of gold (gr) per TBC coin. See the Max Value Calculator here after you have logged into (KCBO):

Q3. Why has the growth in value of TBC stopped?

A3. The growth in TBC value has NOT stopped, because the value is based on the number of PAID members and that number has increased everyday. But we measure that value in grains of gold (gr) and as I said above the price of gold has been going down a little bit recently.

Q4. How do I enter the word of the day for the Cookie Rewards?

A4. You need to go to the Send Button area of (KCBO) and choose a Meeting in your language and either watch a meeting Live or view a Rebroadcast of it and towards the end of the meeting the Host will hold up the Keyword to enter into the form in that section of (KCBO). Be careful, you may have been timed out in your session and the best thing to do after collecting the Keyword is to log out and then log in again into (KCBO) before entering the Keyword. That’s the best way, so always do that before entering the Keyword so that you will get credit for viewing the Send Button Meeting and receive the Cookie Rewards for it. ALWAYS LOG OUT AND LOG IN AGAIN BEFORE ENTERING THE KEYWORD.

Q5. How can I cash in my TBC or trade for currency or Bitcoin?

A5. If you are asking this question, you clearly don’t understand the difference between a Market-based coin like Bitcoin and a Peer to Peer coin like TBC/Kringle. We are in the Distribution Phase of TBC at this time, and that will continue until we get to 1 Billion members. See: and By sharing the gift of Cookies redeemable for TBC/Kringles you will find others that will want to buy Kringles from you on a Peer to Peer basis. If you are unwilling to share this wonderful gift then just wait quietly for the Broadcasters and Builders to unlock the value of our coins and make them 100% spendable over the next year or two. See:

Q6. Why do I have to pay a $10 fee?

A6. Everyone in the world charges a fee for services one way or another. Most crypto-currencies charge a transaction fee on EVERY transaction, but we don’t charge any transaction fees. We are a PRIVATE Peer to Peer coin in the middle of our Distribution Phase and we are currently offering a 2 for 1 deal right now where you get one whole year of access to the (KCBO) and your Lifetime Wallet Fee for only $10. This is very little to ask in the way of a fee to cover our costs of keeping our services available to an ever-expanding community. Unlike popular market-based coins TBC/Kringle coins are not yet widely accepted as payment. So, we collect fees in widely accepted coins such as Bitcoin in order to have the money needed to pay for Coin Network maintenance and development, marketing website development such as (KCBO), labor intensive technical support and self-regulation, and many other needed things to remain operational. Until TBC/Kringle coins become widely accepted as payment we must collect this $10 fee in coins that are widely accepted in order to pay for an expanding Admin operation. At this time, Admin is paying out around $10,000.00 a week to cover the current costs of our operation. Admin manages the funds carefully to be here for the long-run.

Q7. How do I attend the Send Button Meetings?

A7. Login to (KCBO) and find the Send Button item at the bottom of the menu and select a Send Button Meeting in your language. You can either attend the Send Button Meeting Live at the appointed time or watch the Rebroadcast of it and towards the end you will see the Host of the meeting hold up the Keyword you need to collect the Cookie Rewards for that meeting.

Q8. How do I redeem my current Cookie Rewards?

A8. May and November months are Redemption Periods, all month long, to convert Cookies into TBC/Kringle coins. A REDEEM button appears in the Cookie Rewards area of (KCBO) during those months. A few clicks of the mouse there during a Redemption Period and then an internal process begins to automatically convert your Cookies into TBC/Kringle coins and it usually takes about 24 hours to complete the whole process.

Q9. I’m a new member, why does my TBC009 wallet not have the 25,000 free Kringles?

A9. To prevent Kringle coins from being wasted on casual joiners that never will use them and will just forget all about them and then the TBC economy has lost large portions of the coins within it, we are now only offering Cookies as a gift and we hope the time between Redemption Periods allows our newest members the time to get serious about our TBC/Kringle coins-MONEY and once they redeem the Cookies they will not forget about this MONEY they will have in their possession. TBC is here to change the world where ALL will enjoy Abundance once we get to a Billion members over the next year or two.

Q10. Why does the TBC009 wallet have only 1.000000 instead of 1.00000000 like TBC004? Does that mean my TBC is worth less now then before?

A10. No, it does not mean your TBC is worth less because in the TBC009 wallet it only shows 6 zeros instead of 8 zeros behind the decimal point. We are currently in the Distribution Phase and we are not wanting to do small transactions less than $10 at this time because we are managing the costs of keeping the Coin Network operational. Later we will develop another wallet that will be able to do small and micro payments once we have a more robust and active community. 0.000001 TBC = 1 Kringle and today that is valued at $7.98. We really need to put all of our focus on the Distribution Phase at this time, and later we will add a Merchant Adoption Phase when the community is ready for that. Let’s not put the cart in front of the horse as the saying goes.