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All of our existing Merchants can upload their Business License now to their Merchant Listing, all 958 of them.  Once they upload those documents, I the Admin of TBC will be notified and I will review their entire listing, especially the Business Documents showing they are fully authorized to operate a real business, such as a Business License.  Business Licenses are Public Information and usually Merchants hang these on the wall within their businesses in an area that the Public can access and see them.  If I like what I see, then I will select “Admin Reviewed” which will trigger the Merchant Promo to activate for that KCBO account.  So the Merchant Promo is NOT automatic!  Give the Admin up to 48 hours to review before contacting support to see why they haven’t been reviewed yet.  Review does NOT mean Approve!  We don’t have the resources on the Admin side to vet these Merchants, but Admin Reviewed is a good sign.  Ultimately, it is all of YOU the Members that will vet these Merchants as you seek places to spend YOUR Kringles.  Enhancements to the Merchant side of our website will happen ongoing, this is basically version 1.1.

WE NEED MORE MERCHANTS FAST!  So, we will give Merchants an Admin Credit deal times 50 per week.  They will get 2 additional Admin Credits everytime they use the last 2 Admin Credits up to 50 times a week–in other words, up to 100 Admin Credits a week during September to use to sign up as many as 400 of their customers in September.  This could create a $4,000 to $5,000 monthly passive residual income for all of them starting in October.  Do YOU realize that 400 x 400 x 400 x 400 is over a Billion people?  This is going to be HUGE!!!!

I bet YOU would like the same deal that the Merchants are getting, right?  So, if YOU help us out by signing up Merchants YOU can also get up to 400 Admin Credits within the month of September.  WOW!  Sign up at least 1 Merchant a week starting NOW and YOU will get up to 100 Admin Credits that week!  Just remember that it is a “Use it or Lose it deal!”  If YOU don’t use all 100 Admin Credits that week, you lose them!  That’s why you are issued 2 at a time.  The week begins and ends at the same times the Bitcoin Contests begin and end.  If you hustle, YOU can sign up 1 Merchant every week for the next 4 weeks and get up to a total of 400 Admin Credits to use during the month of September.  This will put you in the same position as some of our TBC Leaders using a “Pay it Forward” strategy to build up their referrals FAST!  The best part is that Admin Credits do count towards winning the Bitcoin Contests!!!  Of course NO Bitcoin Bounties are paid out when using Admin Credits because 50% of zero Bitcoins sent into Admin is still ZERO, and I can NOT pay something out of nothing.  But wouldn’t it be great if YOU won some Bitcoin Contests as a result of this Merchant Promo?  Let’s HUSTLE in September!!!


Please use the Referral Link for Merchants when YOU sign up a Merchant so that way YOU will get the Admin Credits for this Merchant Promo.  Once I have looked over YOUR Merchants listing and I like what I see, especially when it comes to what I see in the Business Documents, and I click on Admin Reviewed for that Merchant, that will trigger YOU getting the first 2 Credits towards the Merchant Promo and once YOU use those 2 YOU will get 2 more and so on until either YOU have used all 100 Admin Credits that week or the week comes to an end and whatever Admin Credits are lost due to time-frame of use.