Author Topic: Letís Fast Forward in Time and Take a Peek at Regulation of TBC (Article)  (Read 57 times)

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Do YOU think YOU will be able to use TBC to do whatever YOU want without any oversight?  Do YOU really think the world would accept that?  Seriously think about that!  We currently live in a highly regulated world that doesnít allow people to just do whatever they want without governments getting involved, right?  We face many limitations within our day to day lives, imposed by government, governments supported by people that believe in regulation.  It would be foolish to think things would be different for people using TBC.  Of course TBC has to find a way to fit in or it will be rejected by the world.  The world has set some standards that are expected to be followed, no matter how Rich someone is!

Consider the $10,000 standard within the world of banking today, regardless of why YOU think that standard was set, it is a real standard that is enforced.  Try wiring $10,000 from one country to another.  YOU will run directly into this standard and be expected to answer some serious questions.  If they donít like YOUR answers to their questions, they will prevent YOU from completing a Transaction.  Thatís just what the world expects today.  Clearly TBC will have to find a way to mesh with these existing standards while remaining self-regulated within a private society.  As we develop regulations internally we do have to consider what the world expects when it comes to these long-standing standards.  YOU need to shed the scales of ignorance when it comes to such matters.  Itís a complex world and we need to raise our awareness on all of these important things.

I just wanted to give YOU a peek at what is to come, out of necessity.