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Although is now offline and you can no longer migrate your coins from the old blockchain, there is still an opportunity for you to transfer your coins to the new blockchain.

If you are new to Kringle.Cash, simply pay the 10$ KCBO fee and it includes the Lifetime Web Wallet Fee.  But you must pay 10$.  Although we have removed the option to pay 1$ or multiples of 1$ to extend your KCBO, understand that only a payment of 10$ qualifies for the Lifetime Web Wallet Fee a “Two for One” offer.

In the Kringle Cash Back Office on the Your Account page you will now see your KCBO expiration date and if your “Lifetime Web Wallet Fee” is paid, you will see your archived coins and can proceed to migrate.

For an unpaid account Your Account will look much like this above.  If a payment of 10$ for your KCBO is received, you will automatically receive the Lifetime Web Wallet Fee paid.  Any payments received less than 10$ will extend your KCBO accordingly, but only a single/full payment of 10$ will activate your wallet.

Please read the Archived Migration Notes above and on the Your Account page.

Once payment has been received you may need to logout and back in to Kringle.Cash to update your status.  In most cases your payment will update in moments, but it can take longer depending on the fee you used to send your payment.  Once your payment has confirmed on the respective blockchain, you should receive payment status update within 1 hour.  If your payment is delayed or not posting as you expect, please use the payment support form on the BTC/LTC/ETH pages you submitted payment on.

A fully paid Your Account will look like this, please note the items in RED above.

To Migrate your Archived coins follow these simple steps:

    Register for a new web wallet at using the same email address as your Kringle.Cash account.
    Pay your KCBO in the amount of 10$.  Use the links on the Your Account page to pay in Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ether.  Please note that payments must confirm and be verified.  If you make your payment immediately it should post within 1 hour or less depending on the fees you sent the payment with.  You may need to logout and back in.
    Once your Kringle Account Status AND your Lifetime Web Wallet Status show Paid, you will see your archived balance and have a Green “Migrate Funds Now” Button.
    Follow the on screen prompts to complete the process.
    If you have not already done so, the questionnaire must be completed to get your send button activated.

If you return to the Your Account Page it will show your completed status.  IF you see the Send Button Test button, you must complete the 10 question test first.  If you have already taken the test previously, simply click the send button test button and it will confirm that.
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