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Join us on Telegram via this link

Due to a Change in the YouTube Platform as of August 1st, our Send Button Hosts will NOT be able to share their screen if they use YouTube Live straight up.  Admin recommends using Stream Yard to do Live YouTube Broadcasts because it allows you to have a panel and you can screenshare on it!

We will be hosting the Send Button LIVE BROADCASTS in ALL languages on Monday September 16th, 2019 at 9:00 AM PDT/5:00 PM WAT. If you do not have a Send button ON you are not allowed into the meeting. For those of you who do have a Send button, DO NOT SHARE THIS LINK with anyone else. The link will be available at 8:45 AM PDT on Monday September 16th, inside your Kringle Cash back office. The meeting starts promptly at 9:00 AM PDT. Show up and collect up to 1 MILLION COOKIES!

If YOU have ever wondered why we call these Send Button Meetings, it’s because Admin will turn OFF the Send Buttons of both the Buyer and Seller of any transaction(s) if TBC is discounted!!!

I’d like to bring some clarity to WHY Admin and the type of Blockchain we use are UNKNOWN. Short answer is SECURITY IS VERY EXPENSIVE. TBC is rolling out and not fully developed at this time, yet is highly functional today. The Admin fee is ridiculously LOW to keep the barrier to entry into the TBC community very LOW. We are on a Mission to help the poor rise out of poverty. So we have kept the costs down as much as possible to run a sustainable operation. Remaining UNKNOWN reduces the chances of attacks, so that we can continue to grow organically. As funds grow, so will our tech and Admin structure, and with enough funds high levels of security can be put into place. We are self-funded operation on the Admin fee. We are debt free! We are self-regulated. WE ARE PRIVATE!!!

Transactions over 400 (gr) will result in the TBC Commissioner reaching out by email to collect details of the transaction to make sure equal value was exchanged, to prevent discounting of our coins.

Total transactions done within a 24 hour period over 2,000 (gr) will result in the TBC Commissioner reaching out by email to collect details of the transaction to make sure equal value was exchanged, to prevent discounting of our coins.

Contact the TBC Commissioner in advance of completing a 40,000 (gr) or greater transaction to show proof ahead of time that a transaction of that size is being done for something of equal value, to prevent massive discounting of our coins.

TBC Admin pays the salary of the TBC Commissioner who protects all of us from those that would discount our coins from their LAWFUL value; and we all should be thankful that the value of our coins are protected. It takes a great deal of Admin Fees to pay the annual salary of our TBC Commissioner, and this is just one way Admin supports the TBC community with the Admin Fees collected ongoing.


1st Place–MEGATECH / 2nd Place–KASIMU LATIF / 3rd Place–Williams Adebowale



1st Place–Mbeh Derick / 2nd Place–ETINDELE BOUMA SAMUEL / 3rd Place–Manga Binele Timothee



1st Place–Ace Fletcher / 2nd Place–Marilou Brao / 3rd Place–Abimbola Ogunbowale


1st Place = 200 (gr) = $626.83 = 0.06076 BTC

2nd Place = 100 (gr) = $313.42 = 0.03038 BTC

3rd Place = 50 (gr) = $156.71 = 0.01520 BTC

Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 7.31.43 PM

Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 7.36.11 PM

Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 7.40.02 PM

Compare this Week with last 90 Days:

Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 1.39.13 PM

We have analyzed the results of this Bitcoin Contest and have found that the TBC Members in the Philippines led the whole TBC community in growth with 47 Contestants and 707 PAID Sign Ups last week.  41 Countries had 600 Contestants last week out of the Full-Timer database which has 5,278 Members in it.  Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Ivory Coast, South Africa, India, Papua New Guinea, Bangladesh, Canada, Burundi, Benin, Rwanda, United States, and Japan were all strong contenders last week with double digit and triple digit numbers.  We want to thank all of those that made an effort to recruit PAID Sign Ups last week.  This is a brand new week and you have another chance to Win a week from now.  We also have 1,078 Merchants now of which 110 are Admin Reviewed and have qualified for the Merchant Promo; and as that number grows it will be easier to share TBC with others.  We also are looking for more Send Button Hosts to cover the other languages such as Russian, Greek, Japanese, Spanish, German and Italian since we are seeing good growth there.

Screen Shot 2019-07-11 at 7.19.27 AM

If you have not updated your KCBO Profile to be listed in the Full-Timer database, you should do that now so that we can recognize your recruiting efforts for you and your country.  You need to update your profile to Full-Timer to collect Bitcoin Bounties, so yes, New Members need to get two Paid Sign Ups before they can see the Bitcoin Bounty menu under the Account area of KCBO.  They can collect the Bitcoin Bounty even on their first two Paid Sign Ups that they needed to qualify as a Full-Timer.

We have three Bitcoin Contests happening right now:  English; Tagalog; and French.  If you didn’t follow the instructions last week to change your language by placing the correct Keyword into the Send Button Meeting of the Language YOU want to switch to, then YOU will be in the Default language English this week.  In order to switch to a different language for next week, you have to go into the bottom of the Profile Page of KCBO and make that change this week.


A purchase of 40 (gr) of Kringles will entitle you to at least get a whole TBC coin and maximizes your Cookie Reward for Recruiting New Members into TBC.  1 TBC Coin today is worth $10,135,323.32 and Ten Million Dollars is a massive amount of MONEY!  Even a transaction as small as 4 (gr) is rewarded too, see the chart above:  If you have NOT completed a transaction yet, now is the time to get that done so you can collect the rewards.  Contact your Sponsor or a TBC Leader to complete your transaction TODAY!  Broadcasters get the maximum Cookie Rewards available, so BECOME A TBC BROADCASTER TODAY!!!

Screen Shot 2019-09-07 at 7.54.33 PM

Based on the lack of revenue coming in within the early part of September, I believe we HAVE FAILED to CEMENT in the growth that came from Admin Credits during the month of August.  The problem with Admin Credits is that the New Member hasn’t “put skin in the game.”  This is same problem with anything that is FREE!  People have difficulty appreciating something they got for FREE, but when they have to pay for something out of their own pocket, they will protect the value of that item with their life!  So, I strongly suggest that you don’t just give away Admin Credits without getting an upfront commitment from them first.  I’d like all of the Hosts to open and read the entire article: