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Setting Proper Expectations to move forward (Must Read)
« on: August 05, 2017, 09:40:37 AM »

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This joint venture called TBC must continue to move forward with the proper expectations.  I, as the Creator of the concept of the first ďAbundance-BasedĒ coin, called The Billion Coin, am teamed up with a community of 551,682 current Verified Members in this joint venture.  I include all of you as I go about setting up the proper expectations to move our TBC community forward in this article full of updates.

Many have experienced frustration in trying to complete a TBC transaction for the last 2 months.  A flaw was found in the original code, specifically in that the Daemon was configured to only run on one node or server, and that was back in May of this year at the same time we started to experience explosive growth in memberships into the TBC community.  The problem was capacity.  One node can only process 90 TBC transactions every 2 minutes, and even though we had more than one node on the coin network, one node was unable to do all of the work of processing the load of transactions we were having then.  That then created a backlog of transactions, many of those took weeks before cycling through the programmed 20 tries before canceling those transactions or completing them.  The original code for the TBC coin was configured by another coin developer and we let that coin developer go (Fired them) last year because they couldnít properly support us in a timely fashion when issues came up.  The current coin development team are pros and we contract with their company vs dealing with just an individual as we did before in the beginning.  Is the current team of coin developers the world experts of block-chain technology?  HELL NO!  WE CANíT AFFORD THAT YET!  But it is inside my long-term plan to grow TBC to the point we can and will hire the WORLD EXPERTS OF BLOCK-CHAIN TECHNOLOGY!  The current team had to do surgicle development on the back-bone of block-chain codeĖthe Daemon.  Perhaps, to be price competitive in launching a new coin, the original coin developer made the coins able to just run on one server/node and that keeps the costs of deploying a new coin down significantly because of server costs.  Most new coins never get enough traction in the number of transactions per minute to exceed the capacity of just running on one server.  Well, we did exceed that limitation.  Surgical procedures on the Daemon part of the code unfortunately do take weeks to do it properly.  Our current team did not crash the coin software beyond repair as they performed this surgery on the code.  These guys are pros.  Coin development is just that, it is development.  Development impliesĖit takes time to do.  Itís not stuff that happens overnight.  The old backlog based on the old code has been processed out, that also took a couple of weeks.  The new coin network that is running the web wallet (tbc004) is spread out over a few Hosting Services and over a few different countries on 15 servers/nodes at this time.  Last week we deployed 9 additional servers/nodes.  They are still syncing those to the blockchain (which takes time) and tweaking them as needed to kick into service mode and then they will balance the load between the servers.

Over the last couple of months I have repeatedly asked the whole community to avoid doing transactions so that we could clear out the whole backlog.  But, as usual, Iíve been ignored by the mass majority within the TBC community.  So, here is my current advice.  Avoid doing transactions for now until we get the current set of servers/nodes balanced.  But, if you have a hot Buyer, that doesnít want to wait, make sure they read this article before they send you payment.  Thatís called full disclosure!  Thatís a very good business practice when you are doing any kind of transaction.  Do not automate receiving payments for now, make sure you communicate directly with your Buyers of TBC coins so you can make sure they understand the current technical difficulties.  Then if they accept the current difficulties and want to lock in their purchase price with you, then accept their payment and go ahead and roll the dice and see what happens.  Itís very foolish to expect ďAdminĒ to cover your ass, when you should be covering your own ass with proper disclosure.  Letís properly assign blame where it belongs!  Sending wallet transactions seem to be confirming right away and most have a Transaction ID.  Those with transaction IDís most likely will confirm on the receiving wallet, but there is still a significant delay on the confirmations on the receiving wallet side.  That will likely be the case until the transaction load is completely balanced on all of the servers/nodes deployed.  Tweaking the code on each server will be on-going, and that is just what it takes to run these seed nodes for the TBC community.  As, we monitor the performance of each node, the numbers will tell us how to make the needed adjustments.  Itís called server maintenance.  People get paid to do it.  So, for goodness sake please heed my advice in this paragraph!

Recently, the Kringle Cash website was performing badly due to website traffic to it.  We reconfigured that server to handle more traffic because most of us were timing out when we tried to login.  We have provisioned to an upgraded server, which doubled the cost of it, and are in the process of migrating over to it to substantially increase processing power!

Running all of these websites is no joke!  Admin pays the bills!  Factor in all of the servers we use globally, the coin development team of hours upon hours of ongoing work, the new and improved web development team and their salaries, and a six figure income just for an IT Manger over all of that and it shouldnít surprise you that our operational budget is currently at $40,000.00 a month.  Add to that the travel expenses to bring Bitcoin Randy to all of you around the world and that will quickly bump up our operational budget to $50,000 a year.  If Bitcoin Randy comes to your country, donít take that for granted!  He may never return!  Itís a big world out there and he is only one guy to cover it all for now!  His Voice is a perfect mirror of my thoughts.  You will not get to meet me, I hold all of the passwords to all of the servers and effectively the on and off switch for the whole TBC IT Network!  We are protesting against the Elite, so the Elite will never find me to gain access to that on and off switch!  While we are growing out the community we have sadly learned that not all members of TBC can be trusted to keep their agreements and fully honor them.  So, yes we have to be centralized at this time even though the core code of our operation was built to operate in an decentralized environment.  We intend to become open source code when we mature enough as a community and developed enough armory into the code and network to withstand outside attacks by those that would want to bring harm against us.  In other words, Iím protecting all of your investments in TBC (both time and money, as well as efforts) by remaining closed in our code and centralized in our IT network.  16 hours of work a day is normal for me as ďAdmin.Ē  It saddens me to see some of the people Iím trying to help out of enslavement by the system the Elite created turn negative against me as Admin out of sheer ignorance!  If they only knew the whole truth of my personal sacrifices in their behave it would shame them for their negativityĖespecially for their public negativity.  So, you canít meet me!  But you can meet Bitcoin Randy, the next best thing!  Tickets are available now in the back office of Kringle Cash under events to meet Bitcoin Randy in the Philippines next week.  So far only 12 seats have been sold over the last two days it has been available of the 200 seats available.  Hurry, and complete your purchase today, itís only $20 (1,000 PHP) per seat.  Donít count on Bitcoin Randy returning to the Philippines unless your willing to foot the entire cost upfront of his return yourselves.  Itís a big world he has to cover at Adminís expense, and a very fast growing community to serve.  ORDER TODAY!

Also, you guys need to do a much better job in supporting and defending your leadersĖespecially the Elected Leaders and the TBC Police!  It truly disgusts me to see the public negativity coming from our TBC members about these hard working people that have also greatly sacrificed themselves for all of you as they have stepped up in a major way to serve the TBC community.  They deserve you admiration and respect!  If you ever see someone publicly casting stones at them anywhere, get in there and defend them.  You NEED them!  Without THEM you will not succeed in TBC!  Yes, they do get paid very well to serve in TBC, they deserve THAT!  Step in there and personally challenge anyone stupid enough to cast a stone at them and ask the stone-caster about how are they serving others within the TBC communityĖthese fools are only self-serving and canít even do that in a productive way!  Shame on them!

Note:  As I have mentioned before, I Fired the Canadian Elected Leader!  I have asked the American Elected Leader to resign and return the TBC bounty he received.

In the mean time I have repeatedly asked the whole TBC community to step up their invitations to give away the Kringle Cash gifts of 50,000 Kringle coins.  That gift will mature to be worth 500,000 Euros in about a year.  Time keeps slipping away while some of you have your priorities mixed up.  I got you guys a bank!  The least painful path to a Billion members is to do it fast!  Letís build the community so fast the Elite wonít have any idea we have chosen to rely on each other instead of them.  The Elite are in major battles against the white-hats that do not want them to complete their depopulation plans.  The main focus of the Elite right now is to completely collapse the entire global economy this fall of 2017, so they can come in with their chip implant as a solution!   Building up the TBC community to 1 Billion Verified Members before the Kringle Cash timer runs to zero will save all of our asses in a global economic collapse!  This is life and death stuff guys!  Take it seriously!

Ongoing here in TBC there will always be more software development, network upgrading, and support tickets to answer then there is time in a single day to complete them.  Growing pains are not fun, but that is just how it goes in life!  Letís put this all into perspective now.  Today, TBC is not like a Facebook or Google.  We donít have billions of dollars in our budgets and we have chosen the path of being self-funded from day one and will always remain debt free.  This plan protects you!  Our revenue generation plan revolves around $10 per member.  We have not built and installed the $10 Lifetime Wallet fee yet because our coin development team is totally focused on fixing the transactions first before we build that payment processor to collect that fee.  If your wallet is attached to the Kringle Cash account then the back-office fee will cover you, so you donít pay two separate fees.  Smart members will pay the back-office fee for Kringle- Cash so they donít have to pay the $10 Lifetime Wallet fee.  On March 21st, 2016, the day we launched TBC, we were just a baby organization of like 170 members if I recall.  Each of them took a leap of faith and paid $100 for 100,000 TBC coins on that day in hopes this great idea would work out.  WOW!  They are rich today, right?  We stopped selling Stake in the coin after we were 6 months old, in part because we couldnít compete against the discounters that were disseminating the value of the TBC coins.  Discounters almost wiped us out!  Selling Stake became an impossible revenue model to keep paying the bills to keep the idea alive and well.  As the first ďAbundance-BasedĒ coin we have developed a new path for value.  We are partly Proof of Work (POW); partly Proof of Stake (POS); and mostly Proof of Memberships (POM).  I just now came up with that concept to call it POM.  Abundance is directly attached to memberships in our value for our TBC coin.  Now we are 16 months old.  You know how we say dog years are multiplied by 7?  So, if a dog is 1 calendar year old, then it has developed in size and statue equivalent to a human 7 year old.  Well, I would say TBC is in a category of itís own.  I would say for each month that we grow, it is like one year of growth in a human being.  What can you expect from a human baby?  Do you expect that baby to go out there and get a job and pay their own way?  No!  Of course not!  Right now we are like a 16 year old.  Do you remember being a teenager?  Do you remember how you felt?  Everyone expected you to act like an adult already, and yet still treated you like a little kid.  Right?  Because of that being a teenager is a very frustrating time for humans.  Perhaps the years of 14 and 15 are the most frustrating, right?  Well, TBC has just went through 2 of the most gut-wrenching months of its existence.  Painful from the top down to the bottom.  We can all relate to that, right?  Guys, we are in this together!  Our rewards fro growing up are huge!  We donít need the Elite and the junk they offer us anymore, we are going our separate way to a much brighter future without them.  But we all got to grow up!  The mature adult version of TBC will be amazing!  By that time we will all be behaving in a respectful and honorable way as we use TBC as a launching pad to become sovereign each and every one of us.  The freedoms we will enjoy as sovereigns is almost too hard to imagine at this time.  We will pay our bills and they will be huge here in the administration of TBC!  Yes, we can become like a Google or Facebook!  Yet self-funded all the way through.  Our members will be fully aware we must behave in a private manor to maintain our private status as a group of people worldwide.  We wonít be trying to sell our TBC in the public space such as social media posts.  We will conduct our peer to peer transactions in private, and we will honor all of our agreements we make, especially the TBC Membership Agreement.  We will fall in line within the TBC chain of command and behave as a highly organized group of protesters against the agendas of the elite.  1 Billion TBC members can put an end to their madness, so that we can continue to be alive and live free!  We will End Poverty globally and that is still within our reach for the year 2018.  Completing that achievement will give our group unprecedented power to move forward with other grand missions.  Our whole group will be full of positivity and love will be our eternal guide.  Of course, we will become open source, and we will rearrange into a completely decentralized organization and currency.  Thatís what the adult version of TBC will looks like.  Just keep in mind our central purpose!

The purpose of TBC is to QUICKLY gather and organize a Billion people and fund them all to properly stand up both individually and collectively against the evil agendas of the Super Wealthy Elite!Sensitive: Countries Leadership meeting held at midnight at about 12:18am to 3:12am. This is meeting clue is not yet to be compiled on the blog. Keep it sensitive to you and your Matrix if you do not want some challenges of matrix that have less 100 refs.   This is sensitive please.                                       
It's about the Matrix. The information is not in public domain yet. Transactions will start confirming as from next Weekend smoothly. So if anyone what to buy/sell not at discount price, Let them know it might take close to a week to completely confirm in their wallets. By the end of next week all the bugs should be fixed, then we can have smooth confirmation.
The purpose of the Matrix is to help us get to 1 million. So you might face challenge if your downlines don't have up to 100. What challenges? It means your downlines might not help you reach the goal. At least you and your 10 matrix must produce at least 10,000.
Based on the network arrangement, you will have to force them to get their 100 or you might end up doing it alone, which will be stressful. The bank won't start the fiat, unless we reach 1million, all negotiations has failed. Backup Testers will be placed on the Matric line soon. Hint! If some of your downlines are less 100 refs, make your climb to 200 there about to cover their places for them.
Red flag of refs, will be fixed as the new system will fall in place next week, then your red flag will be added to your refs in Matrix.
Admin can't update the blog now because he is also working with the coin developer to fix the wallet errors.