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A couple of weeks ago I notified the Leaders in TBC that the TBC Coin Network is stable enough to add at least 1,000 more Send buttons.  The original crypto-currency software we have been using since the time TBC launched 22 months ago has proven to NOT be ready for mass adoption.  About six months ago the TBC Coin Network completely crashed and we had to turn off ALL of the Send buttons in order to start fixing it.  We carefully started to turn on Send buttons and test.  The debugging process requires alot of testing.  It seems like it has been forever.  But finally we have reached a point we feel we can turn on thousands of Send buttons.  We certainly don’t want to crash the TBC Coin Network again, so we will continue to turn on Send buttons until signs of problems show up.  Let’s see how an influx of 1,000 more members doing transactions affects the TBC Coin Network.  To be clear, we will turn On as many Send buttons as we can until any problems show up to halt a continued influx of members doing transactions.  We hope to make it to 1,000, and we will continue to keep adding and perhaps we can make it to 10,000 or even 100,000 Send buttons turned on.  All the while we have been going through these technical difficulties we have been developing a brand new Coin Network that is by design ready for mass adoption and soon we will just migrate over to it.  Once the announcement comes out to migrate we will have a process set up to move all of your coins from the old Coin Network over to the new Coin Network.  All Send buttons will be turned on inside the new Coin network for those that have paid the $10 fee.  Migration = Send button turned on for ALL that paid.  So, one way or another YOU will all get Your Send buttons turned on.

Pioneering a new idea such as the “Abundance-based” currency of TBC is NOT for the faint of heart.  We are so different from all of the thousands of other “Market-based” currencies that once we started to have technical difficulties many became very discouraged.  It’s tough enough to explain to people that we have chosen NOT to be a traditional “Market-based” currency, but on top of that to try and explain why we have been dealing with some technical difficulties has really made it hard for most to promote TBC.  As the saying goes: “When the going gets tough; the tough get going!”  Only the toughest TBC members have kept the candle lite for this idea of an ‘Abundance-based” currency.  They have pointed out, that in spite of our “Out-of-the-Box” approach to launching a currency and regardless of the technical difficulties, TBC is a great opportunity.  Unlike the losses many experience in buying a “Market-based” currency due to the extreme volatility of those coins, here in TBC we have all experienced massive gains as the price which is attached to membership growth has only gone up in value.  While the “Market-based” coins have a very simple way to cash out because of the pathway Bitcoin pioneered, we are still a peer to peer coin developing a simpler way to cash out TBC.  TBC has created massive life changing wealth for tens of thousands of people already, and as we continue to grow in memberships the easiness of cashing out also grows.  After all, why do you need to cash out a currency when you could simply use it to buy goods and services.  Once we migrate to the new Coin Network, merchants of goods and services will be lining up to accept our coin for payment.  Once we reach a billion members you will be able to buy buildings, yachts, and private jets with TBC peer to peer if you have enough of it.  Those that have continued to promote TBC during these challenging times have the vision to see where TBC is going.  Plus, they have learned to make money in TBC today with or without a Send button.

The strong among us must lead the way forward.  I simply can’t risk crashing the current Coin Network again, so I will NOT turn on everyone’s Send button that has paid today.  It is also too much of a risk to turn on a Send button for those that have soured on TBC during these challenging times.  They could continue to be sour even if I turn on their Send buttons and could publicly express their doubts even though they have a Send button and that would damage our reputation further.  We need all of those that have remained positive about TBC to speak up NOW.  If you are strong and still have a positive attitude about TBC I’d like to empower you further by turning on your Send button.

Hundreds of testimonials on the website are pouring in now, and that is the way for me to know that you are ready to get your Send button turned on. Do daily testimonials to show we are strong as a community and that our positive voices are louder than those that are being negative about TBC.  Only through STRENGTH will we succeed.  The weak like to complain.  Tomorrow will be better than today.  The strong among us must lead the way forward.

Be sure to include in the description of your testimonial video the EMAIL ADDRESS associate with your TBC Wallet and your Facebook link.  We will NOT turn on Send buttons for those with brand new Facebook accounts.  Our marketing system revolves around Facebook, so how could you be promoting TBC online without a Facebook account?  We have discouraged off-line marketing until we get passed migration–otherwise it is double the work dealing with those offline people.  We will insert your EMAIL ADDRESS into the Trusted Sellers Search bar to collect your TBC wallet address.  TBC Support is now clicking through all of the video Testimonials, uploaded within the month of January, on the website looking for those two items so that they can turn on your Send buttons.  People can come up with a thousand reasons not to follow these instructions and I can for each of them come up with a thousand reasons why they will have to wait for migration to get their Send buttons turned on.  Either way, if you paid the $10 fee you will get your Send button turned on.  How soon that happens for you, is up to you, isn’t it?  Soon, TBC Support will be able to turn on a Send button within 24 hours of you uploading your TBC Testimonial video to the website.  In the meantime, they are working backwards from today towards the 1st of January to collect the data needed to turn on the Send buttons of those actively promoting TBC.  So, if you forgot to include those two items in the description, go now and fix that, even better do a new Testimonial and become part of the choir that produces daily testimonials.  Daily testimonials in a report style is a key part of our marketing system.

Here is an example of a Testimonial we can’t use to turn on a Send button:

Here is an example of a Testimonial we can use to turn on a Send button:

We take that data and use it to find the TBC Wallet address using the Trusted Seller Tool:

TBC Support is ANXIOUS to turn YOUR Send button ON today!

Out of the 111 Send buttons that were turned on we did have to suspend a few of them due to DISCOUNTING. So if your Send button gets turned on, DO NOT DISCOUNT your coins! Please READ:

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