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RE: TBC Lagos Trade Fair - President's Speech
« on: May 21, 2017, 08:30:25 PM »

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I want to deeply appreciate all of you who have wished and prayed goodwill to me. God bless you.

Exactly a year ago I held the very first TBC Host meeting in Nigeria together with a few friends and they all went with TBC as my birthday gift that day worth millions today.

I want to appreciate all stakeholders who believe in TBC and had driven the brand far and wide.

Today TBC Mega Lagos Trade fair held with thousands of attendees! It was a rainy day and I had to address the crowd.

We are having a repeat of TBC Mega Trade Fair Lagos in a couple of weeks. All those who paid for today's event including merchants and shoppers will attend for FREE!

NB: We got wind today that several post was making rounds that stakeholders will purchase cars and phones with full tbc. That's NOT true. We believe it will happen as we all drive the vision. But we never gave that promise. Folks who peddled those kind of info only wanted to quickly sell their TBC to their prospects.

For today's event we had FULL TBC merchants for Bags, shoes, female tops,Childrens wears by carter, in their hundreds, Prune drinks, Bottle water company, etc. We had 20% to 100% goods. Many of the merchants couldnt even display due to rains...I apologise for all the discomforts everyone may have gone through.

We are going to have a repeat and those who had paid will attend for FREE!

Every TBC stakeholder will eventually be super rich. Ensure you register for, subscribe for 1 year and be part of the 10,000 testers.

I appreciate every stakeholder for believing in TBC!

TBC is working!

Keep the flag flying!

Copied from TBC President Nigeria