Author Topic: Strict Warning for Organizers of TBC Trade Fairs in Nigeria - President  (Read 1093 times)

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Strict Warning From The TBC President Of Nigeria (Mr Favor Sunano) To Those Selfishly Organising TBC Trade Fair In Different States, Not to Promote TBC But to Enrich Themselves!

Those organising Kano TBC trade fair should put a stop forthwith. They are not representing TBC Nigeria community.

The leadership of TBC takes trade fair issues very seriously.

No TBC trade fair should hold without leadership approval going forward.

Trade fairs are veritable tools to driving usability of our TBC locally and globally.

Its NOT another medium to raise greedy funds.

Every trade fair MUST have real merchants who will have stalls to display their wares. Not just going to the market and buying things for resale. Our Trade Fairs MUST be organic and real so that even after the events stakeholders can still reach out and patronize the merchants.

Going forward anyone planning to organize Trade Fairs MUST have minimum of 15 merchants who have registered to be present at the fair.

Anyone organising trade fairs should contact

You will be sent an online form and merchant forms.

This way we document TBC merchants and increase usability.

Before the year is over I forsee over 20000 merchants in Nigeria alone.

God bless TBC!
God bless all stakeholders!! 🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬

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