Author Topic: Ghana Leaders Launch TBC Club 100  (Read 1539 times)

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Ghana Leaders Launch TBC Club 100
« on: May 06, 2017, 12:40:14 PM »

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[/size]TBC GHANA TO ENROLL A TBC CLUB. As part of our mission to end poverty globally it is our duty to help the poor and the less privileged to climb the success ladder of TBC. As part of the plans to end poverty we will form a club called “TBC CLUB 100”. This club will consist of only 100 TBC verified stake holders in Ghana. We believe that TBC is not only about selling your TBC and making money. TBC is more than that. TBC is here to eradicate poverty and as TBC members we must show love for the needy and the less privileged in our society. We will be organizing a free health screening program for the poor and the needy who cannot afford their medical bills in our societies. Visiting orphanage homes and donating to them and as well creating TBC wallet for all of them. Organizing TBC trade fair to enable members within the TBC community to trade among themselves using TBC. The club will also organize educational talk shows to create awareness about TBC. This will make the TBC community more attractive for people to join. Let us all focus our attention on the poor who cannot afford to buy any Kringles by enrolling them on the free Kringle cash give away offer for them to also attain the billionaire’s status when the coin reaches its ultimate value.[/font][/size]