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« on: May 07, 2018, 10:16:06 PM »

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great tbcians...Greetings!. I am so glad with events going on in TBC community.The admin have indeed kept to his words by turning on send buttons gradually.This goes a long way to show that TBC will definitely keep to their words. So all we have to do is play by the rules and obey simple instructions... Please for those with SEND buttons on, please avoid discounting to prevent your send buttons being closed again indefinitely....Please note that  FIAT currency exchange is the next line of action right now once the migration is successfully over ....For those of you who are yet to pay the 10$ admin fee, kindly do that as soon as you can so you could participate fully in this GOD given abundance....Feel free to contact me incase you are having difficulty paying via bitcoin or litecoin or ethereum 
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Get your kringle back office referrals and claim 10TBC REWARD..Trust me, this is one offer you should take advantage of because once the FIAT EXCHANGE starts, it will be practically impossible to purchase 1 TBC...Also, I have links now to good TBC merchants in Nigeria and also some TBC trade fair soon coming up...

I am super excited because TBC is the game changer...
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