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« on: July 30, 2018, 06:30:22 PM »

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This is a good news that we are all expecting in the TBC world coming to reality on Pointrader has created an online crypto-store to shop with a certain percentage of TBC on all of their products.
Pointrader has two websites created to serve the purpose of exchanging TBC to BTC by an affiliate program and also exchange it with goods/products on the store. These sites are linked together for the perfection of those that want to spend directly from their affiliate exchange to shop and at the same time can cash out. is for all TBC users that are registered on to shop with 30% TBC for good 90 days(subscription period).
TBC coupon code will be given to members on and anytime they are ordering their products, they will apply the TBC coupon code and 30% of the money will be removed, they will then pay 70% with BTC and pay 30% with TBC.
This has been what we have been waiting for all these while and it is of the belief that the TBC percentage will still increase and by God's grace to 100%.
Now, we can now shop online and exchange through pointrader's platform only in the USA and in Nigeria, all other countries will have to write the admin of pointrader to know of their own status also. From my own research, it is still for those two countries for exchanging goods for TBC, but their affiliate is for every country in the world
Congratulations to all TBC users in the world