Author Topic: Update from MOPAS Market Place PreLaunch  (Read 2999 times)

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Update from MOPAS Market Place PreLaunch
« on: August 18, 2017, 01:54:49 PM »

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Here is the Summary of MOPAS Market Place PreLaunched Today Below:

*1. JUMIA does not Accept TBC*

*2. Konga does not Accept TBC*

*3. MOPAS is only Taking a BIG RISK to allow TBCians shop with their TBC and Cash on JUMIA and Konga while they Pay Full Cash to them for all orders done through the MOPAS Market Place. MOPAS is the One Accepting Our TBC. So there are Terms and Conditions to enjoy these Services by MOPAS*

*4. For You to Enjoy Unlimited shopping with ur TBC on JUMIA and Konga through MOPAS you have to register and pay a One Time and Lifetime Access fee of #5,000 for your Verification and Activation. After Your Payment is confirmed, You can now begin to shop and also get Paid for Everyone You refer to Your Third Generation.*

*5. From the #5,000 Activation fee, only #2,000 goes to MOPAS for Administrative functions while #3,000 is shared with your Uplines. More Explanations on this later.*

*6. For You to place order on MOPAS Market Place, you will need to click on the Banner in the Market Place and go to Konga or JUMIA and get the exact URL link of the Product you want to Order. Fill the form and all details necessary about the Product such as price quoted on the site, quantities, colours and other things. Submit Your details and the admin will get back to you amount of TBC to send and the Cash. MOPAS will place the Order on your behave and Konga or JUMIA will deliver to your address anywhere in Nigeria. Note: You are Paying the Delivery in Cash.*

*7. The TBC to Cash Percentage was not disclosed as this will be determined by the system. But be rest assured that you are going to be getting any product by paying less cash of the Actual Price. Those with Booster Packages will pay more of TBC than Others*

*8. The Minimum Booster Package is #10,000 and it is Valid for 30 days. Frequent users of Booster Pack will be rewarded occasionally with 100% TBC orders*

*9. Another Wonderful Feature of the platform is that you can Buy and Sell TBC at the Current Rate Directly from the site. More explanation on this later*

*10. Finally I want us to Appreciate the Efforts of Sembic Int LTD for creating the MOPAS Market Place to help increase the Value of TBC and its Acceptability in Nigeria. More Merchants will be added soon. This Platform was created to put a stop to all these Fraudulent Trade Fairs and Exploitations from Dubious Merchants.*

*Stay Tuned For Full Details - Register Now