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« on: November 07, 2017, 05:37:19 AM »

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Hi Everyone,

Here is an Extract From Cyndie's Video.

For those seeing Zero Balance in thier wallets, please be informed that the Zero Balance was due to an Error with the fiat currency exchange service that provides the setting up of an API to have real time conversion to the US dollars.

Also Note that the Tbc balance in your wallet is not affected.

They are working on our wallet getting us ready for the Fiat Currency Exchange. For those that don't know what the Tbc in your wallet will do. It will make you exchange your Tbc with Fiat. Becos we have a banking relationship that wants to take on Tbc as thier asset to be lend against which gives the bank lending power and offcourse we know thier money comes from thier lending ability and especially since Tbc only goes up in value.
So thier profit margin and thier lending ability only goes up too.
So they are excited just as we are to be able to set up this relationship.

What you are getting from the exchange will  more or less be a global Salary income. Which is most likely to be about $18,000 a year or about $1,500 a month which will increase as we move up to maturity. Remember again that the Zero Balance is Becos they are working on the synchronization of the API from the bank for the fiat currency exchange with our wallets. This shows we are really getting close. This will also be a good time for all Testers.

Please also remember that to become a tester, you have to pay the 10$ wallet fee, it's a one time fee. Lifetime fee. You need to have 100$ worth of Tbc,  Becos if u don't have that much, u would not also have enough to exchange on the fiat currency exchange and you need a 100refferals.

 Account Setup will be the next step so everyone can get thier debit cards. We are this close.

Don't worry about  the zero balance. They are also working on the servers for the exchange I.e how you will be able to send Tbc to the bank. Just like the 50,000 kringle are being sent out without delay, although that Becos it's on a separate blockchain and its automated. It's going to work the same way.

Our accounts Wil be automatically debited when we make withdrawals. You can use your debit cards at the Atm, you can use it to pay bills. Just like you would use any debit card.

We have been waiting for this moment as it's getting really exciting. It is projected that Tbc will be at $1M at the next thanksgiving per coin.

Also note that everyone will be able to get Tbc in thier own local currency.

Please also remember that for every 100$ worth of tbc, you will get 1tbc at christmas. And if u purchase 500$ worth of Tbc, you get 5tbc at christmas.
Migration is also on. Migration is moving our tbc coin from one server to another server. Then transactions will be smooth again.

Have a Nice week ahead.

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