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« on: November 24, 2017, 08:22:59 PM »

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Hello Good People
So, I have some Good Updates/News concerning our TBC!!!

1) Everyone who has gotten 100 REFERRALS for his kringles Account, now has Cookie rewards of 1,000,000,000cookies which is equivalent to 10TBC...and the 10TBC is redeemed on Christmas!!!!
2) We are to migrate to a new Block chain with better and faster Transaction abilities....And that's not all...Those who have paid their one time $10 maintenance fee can migrate their coins to the new Block chain and have their SEND BUTTONS ENABLED immediately...that is, PAY YOUR ONE TIME $10 >>> Migrate your coins to the New Block chain >>> Your SEND BUTTONS IS TURNED ON
3) GET YOUR 100 REFERRALS for your kringles Account, and be added under a World Leader Structure and you will be able to use the TBC FIAT EXCHANGE PORTAL once it starts
Get 100 REFERRALS signups >>> Be added under a World Leader Structure >>> You are ELIGIBLE to use the FIAT EXCHANGE PROGRAMME

SO, I provide services of REFERRALS signups for kringles Account and also personally ensure your account is added under my Leader's Structure
So, Spread the News, if you still know of anyone who needs to get his/her 100 REFERRALS to Qualify in this LIFE-CHANGING process, Link the person up to me...I will do it quickly and personally make sure the Accounts get a Spot under my Leaders structure


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